I don’t really like doing live debates any more, so, here is the new debate policy.

  1. All debates must be in written format.
  2. You will get the opening statement.
  3. I will not reply.


6 responses to “Debates”

  1. Bro. Bell says :

    I would LOVE to debate the “trinity” with you…

    • caplawson says :

      I would be glad to take you up on the offer! There are just a few administrative issues to get out of the way.

      1. How would you like to publish your answers?
      (a) host them on your own blog and I’ll link to them or
      (b) email me the text privately and I host your answers here (I promise I won’t edit anything)

      2. How would you like to structure the dialogue?
      We can agree to a proposition and take the affirmative/negative position. Alternatively, we can make an independent case for our respective positions. Either way is fine with me.

      At your earliest convenience, please respond via the Contact Form at

      Thanks so much for your interest and I look forward to a great discussion!

  2. Richard Bushey says :

    I challenge you.

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