About Me

I am a biomedical engineer at Texas A&M University with tangential interests in philosophy and apologetics. My academic interests are in orthopedics and bone mechanics; the current project I’m on is developing a novel tibial tray for total knee replacements (you can read more here). Additionally, I am the student president of Ratio Christi – a Christian philosophy organization.

I’m not a captain; my username comes from a nickname I had a few years ago and my interest in Star Trek.

This is my personal blog primarily concerning Christianity and related topics including: the intersection of science and religion, evidential apologetics, epistemology, theology, and others. To see more about my beliefs, consult the Statement of Faith.

Unless otherwise noted, the content here is my own, so, I don’t mind you sharing it so long as you include some citation.

For students that find the contents of this blog interesting, I encourage you to see if your university has a Ratio Christi chapter. The Texas A&M chapter can be found here as well as here.


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