The chief point…

The chief point to keep in mind about a hypothesis, or theory, is that it is to be cast aside for one that is better the moment the facts indicate the existence of a better. It is the traceleimagess and eternal war of facts against superstition, predisposition, bias, and error which science undertakes to wage. This inductive method is pursued in physical science everywhere, and in the social sciences also, in economics, civics, sociology, and now at length in ethics and religion. Evolution and criticism both erect their intellectual structures with the stones blasted in the wary of the inductive method.

We have no option as defenders of Christianity. Of all people, we must not turn our faces away from an enterprise which first of all sets out in quest of facts. We hold that eternal facts, the most solid of all realities, are the contents of our Christian faith. We maintain that the only adequate hypothesis to account for a vast mass of facts is the Christian hypothesis, and that verification in all its legitimate forms in the personal and moral realm may be applied to the hypothesis successfully.

– Edgar Young Mullins (from Why Is Christianity True?, 1905)

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